Maternity and Baby Portrait Session with Nicole Martin & Fiona

Back in December, I was attending the monthly National Association of Women Business Owners networking breakfast along with friend and client, Julie Baeder (who I had the opportunity to photograph when she was named as one of the 100 of Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business; go Julie!) Julie immediately brought me over to meet her fabulous pilates instructor friend, Nicole Martin. It turns out that Nicole is the owner of Ritual Pilates in Oakland. Nicole and I clicked right away and started working together shortly after. I’ve been wanting to try pilates for a while. She is an amazing instructor and our weekly sessions are often the highlight of my week’s exercise routine.  I’m getting taller!!

Shortly after Nicole became my pilates instructor, she asked me to capture her maternity photos as she was expecting her first baby in April! Of course I agreed. We met for the session in her charming home in Montclair. Nicole’s adorable kitty cat, Rose, joined us for a few photos as well. At the end of the session, we agreed that when baby Fiona arrived we would get together again and photograph the little baby girl.


The second session took place when little Fiona turned 3 months. When I arrived at Nicole’s, we looked for a beautiful place to do the photos. The wonderful mid-century modern chair caught my eye as we looked around the living room. We both agreed that it’s clean wood lines and white leather upholstery would be perfect for the shoot and comfortable for baby Fiona. Don’t you agree?


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4 thoughts on “Maternity and Baby Portrait Session with Nicole Martin & Fiona

  1. I feel like I hit the jackpot w/ you, Nancy. You are so much fun to teach. You are one of those rare bendy and strong clients that make teaching pilates so much fun, I love seeing you at the studio. Aside from being in tip top shape, you really know how to take an amazing photograph and you make having your picture taken fun, and I HATE having my picture taken. I’ve never had a photographer be so professional yet also comfortable w/ letting me try on everything in my closet for her; and on top of all that you indulged my cat w/ her own photos.

    I was so nervous to have you take baby Fiona’s photos, I wasn’t sure if I could get her to fall asleep and it was one of those weeks where what I thought was her routine was a thing of the past. You were so good w/ her I didn’t have to do a thing, you got her to coo and smile and fall asleep on a bare, cold, white leather chair …….. amazing. thank you for perfectly capturing this time for our family.

  2. The feeling is mutual; your teaching style is fantastic and it’s been such a great introduction to pilates. Thank you for your kind words about our process! I am so glad you’ve enjoyed the experience (even as a *reluctant* subject!) It’s been a joy to work with you and Fiona…and I’m looking forward to seeing you two on a regular basis!

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