Professional Portraits with Juliana Park, Author of The Abundance Loop, and Founder of Conscious Wealth


“Discovering your true self, how much you have and how much you are, will empower you to effectively grow your personal and financial wealth. By carefully going through this process, you will experience abundance, peace, and freedom.” – Juliana Park


Juliana Park found me through a mutual friend I met while studying yoga and meditation at Yoga Mandala (now Yoga Tree) in Berkeley, and I’m so glad she did. Talk about a breath of fresh air! Juliana’s presence truly lights up the room, and her positivity is inspiring. I was excited to hear that she wanted me to create the images for her new book, The Abundance Loop, and her website,  We had a fantastic photo shoot in May, with styling by the amazingly talented Michelle Moquin, my go to wardrobe stylist, and hair & makeup by Elena Malevanay of Wowpretty, who works her magic with a smile.


Juliana’s story seems like one best heard over a bottomless cup of tea at a sunny kitchen table. Here’s a snippet in her own words: “In 2010, I struggled through a divorce and realized there was more to life than living up to others’ expectations of me. Fear of not being enough entrapped me and I desperately sought the freedom to live an authentic life. I wanted to be…ME. But who was I? What did I really want?

Accumulating material wealth, success, titles, and stuff wasn’t cutting it. But neither was denying all that. With support from friends, teachers, healers, and loads of self-help books, I finally found the key to unlock my own prison. I learned to balance my inner wealth with my outer wealth. I learned to be present while progressing towards my goal. I learned to let go of my fear-based ego and embody my divine self.

My awakening experience gave me a fresh perspective on how to live abundantly and transformed all my relationships –to money, to myself, to others, and to the world.”

Juliana has synthesized her life lessons in her book, The Abundance Loop, which can be pre-ordered now and is due to be released in May of 2015.  She is the founder of Conscious Wealth, which “…brings together different voices on the topic of building wealth and abundance.”  A certified financial planner and Assistant Vice President at a major investment firm, Juliana is uniquely qualified to offer her insights.


If you are as captivated and motivated by Juliana’s story as I am, take the chance to meet her and hear more! She will be at Abundance Oakland! on July 31st, 2014.

In additional to meeting Juliana, Abundance Oakland! is also an opportunity to hear from Editor and Chief of Wear Your Voice, Ravneet Vohra. She and Juliana will share “a powerful message on how to break free from the scarcity mindset and create abundance in your life.” The event will be held at Urban Stitch in Oakland, a fashion boutique (featuring a collection of contemporary designers, specialty lifestyle brands and home accessories.) Come mix and mingle with local fashionistas and listen to these powerful women; hope to see you there!


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2 thoughts on “Professional Portraits with Juliana Park, Author of The Abundance Loop, and Founder of Conscious Wealth

  1. Nancy,
    Thank you so much for featuring me in your article about Juliana! I so enjoyed working with her and styling her for her photo shoot with you.

    Juliana is such an amazing woman. Talk about “discovering your true self.” The clothes enhance Juliana’s dynamic personality and striking beauty, but it is your talent with the camera that captured her “true self” so excellently, that we can linger and enjoy her over and over again through your amazing work.

    You are truly gifted in bringing out your subject’s “true self” and seizing the perfect moment. You did that so well with my photo session with you. I get so many compliments, especially of the photo of me in the chair. Thank you so much for capturing my “true self” in the images that I present to the world to see! xox

  2. Michelle, you are such a gift to me & my clients. I can’t say enough about the transformation that takes place when people are in the clothes that fit their body, their personality, and their vision of themselves. Your styling enhances my ability to do my work. As one client said, you truly are a life-changer. Can’t wait to do your feature on the blog so you can give everyone some juicy fashion tips!

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