Baker Beach Engagement Session

We had a great portrait session at Baker Beach!  These two braved the wind and cold and you’d never guess looking at the images how chilly it was.   We timed the session perfectly to capture the lovely late afternoon light just before sunset.  Congratulations to a great couple; I know you’ll have a great wedding in Antigua!

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San Francisco Family Portraits: Baker Beach

Being with children as they play and explore the world around them is a magical experience.  It reminds me of the joy waiting to be found in the simplest things: finding that perfect rock to treasure, the feeling of the sand under your feet, running with joy and abandon knowing the soft sand will cushion your landing.  Thanks to this charming little one for reminding me of these simple, perfect pleasures.

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Sausalito Engagement Photography

I had a wonderful time photographing Irma and Joe in Sausalito.  It was a perfect balmy day and we enjoyed the afternoon breeze and the beautiful light of the setting sun…  Okay maybe that sounds a little cheesy but it’s the truth.

Irma and Joe had their first date in Sausalito, so it was the perfect location to commemorate their engagement.  Congratulations!


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