Lifestyle Photography for Startups: Puls

Congratulations are in order! My new client Puls made #11 on the LinkedIn Top Startups list, “…a global ranking of the 50 most sought-after startups where professionals want to work and stay.” Not only that, they were named #1 most promising startup of 2018 by Globes. Things are looking good for Puls, especially after receiving 50 million in Series C funding last year. Puls offers easy to schedule repairs and installations by skilled technicians. They offer phone repair, appliance repair, TV installation, garage door repair, and smart home installation. We had a great shoot recently in San Francisco at one of very few location rentals who has all the appliances we needed to demonstrate the repair servies that Puls offers through their technicians. The talent for this shoot was fabulous; thanks to the whole team for an awesome shoot!!

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Higher Education Photography


I love photographing in educational settings. There’s an energy in the air fueled by the curiosity and exploration of ideas, the theories and experiments, the discovery and pursuit of one’s passions. I’ve recently added a new gallery featuring some of my higher education photography to the website, including work done for the Stanford School of Engineering. Here’s a small selection to preview. I hope you enjoy!

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Congratulations! Adaptive Insights Acquired by Workday for $1.55 Billion

– Rob Hull, Adaptive Insights Founder

I love celebrating my client’s successes, and major congratulations are in order. Adaptive Insights, one of my favorite long term Silicon Valley photography clients, was just acquired by Workday for $1.55 billion! I can’t begin to wrap my head around that number, but I know that Adaptive’s cloud based business planning software is incredible and that they will continue to help businesses revolutionize their financial planning.

– Tom Bogan, Adaptive Insights CEO

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Adaptive Insights Leadership Team over the last several years and every time I meet a new executive I’m struck by what a great group of people they’ve brought together. Photographing founder Rob Hull and CEO Tom Bogan has given me a sense of the genuine kindness and caring the company lives and breathes at all levels of leadership.

– Bhaskar Himatsingka, Adaptive Insights Chief Product Officer, on stage at Adaptive Live 2017

Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to photograph their annual conference, Adaptive Live. This is where I transformed from merely being a photographer who liked photographing the nice folks I met at Adaptive, to being a believer in their product. Photographing key notes and break out sessions gave me the chance to hear all about the ways that their software helps companies transform their financial planning and analysis. After my first experience photographing Adaptive Live, I started introducing all my CFO clients to the company.

I’m sending my heartfelt congratulations to the team at Adaptive Insights; here’s to your continued success!

– Nancy

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