Style Tips with Michelle: Figuring Out What to Wear

We’ve all been there – the impending morning meeting with an important client and the anxiety of opening that closet door and having to figure out what you could possibly wear to make the day great!  In this installment of Style Tips with Michelle, our personal style expert Michelle Moquin addresses a common mistake people make when buying new wardrobe items and how to figure out what to wear when finding the perfect outfit seems impossible.

Michelle-0030RT2What’s the most common mistake people make in selecting clothing?

Ohh, where to begin!  There are many common mistakes that I see people make.  But the one thing that stands out right now is women buying pieces they don’t really love, either because they were desperate for something new or they bought it on sale because it was such a great price.  Those are usually the pieces that I find still hanging in their closet with the tags still on when I conduct our first closet audit.

Many of us have days where we stand in the closet and figuring out what to wear seems impossible. What is the first step to eliminating that problem?

Insuring that you have enough “core basics” in your closet is the first step towards eliminating the problem of figuring out what to wear.

When your closet is truly working for you, meaning you have all of the core basics that are needed, you won’t have that problem because you will have interesting items that mix well into outfits with your core basics.  Everything in your closet should address your Personality and your Life-Style Requirements.  When those items also work best for your Body-Type and its Symmetry and Coloring, then you will have what I call a working wardrobe.

A working wardrobe makes dressing effortless because your core basics all work well with your “interesting items.”  Figuring out what to wear is eliminated. My Initial Consultation is the first step toward creating a working wardrobe.

Thanks Michelle!  I know from experience and from the testimonials of countless clients that working with Michelle is a life transforming event.  I’m so glad we can call on her for expert advice!


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