Bay Area Family Portraits: Mother’s Day Sale!

Sunday, May 13th is Mother’s Day….the official one.  To me everyday is Mother’s Day.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel grateful for my Mom and revel in her fabulousness.  (That’s not a real word, I know, and since my Mom is an English teacher that’s what we call ironic.)

But shouldn’t we pick a day to give special thanks for Motherhood, even though we love our Moms 365?  Of course!  (I’d vote for celebrating quarterly, but we’ll take what we can get in the federal calendar…there’s a lot to fit in.)

So, get to the punch line already, right?!?  Well, this month we will celebrate Motherhood with a chance to do two things all Moms love to do: document their children and save money.  You can’t argue with that, so don’t even try.

Here’s the deal:  $100 Off Family Portrait Sessions in May*

*Fine print: Mom should be in some of the images.

Reserve your session today!

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San Francisco Family Portraits: Baker Beach

Being with children as they play and explore the world around them is a magical experience.  It reminds me of the joy waiting to be found in the simplest things: finding that perfect rock to treasure, the feeling of the sand under your feet, running with joy and abandon knowing the soft sand will cushion your landing.  Thanks to this charming little one for reminding me of these simple, perfect pleasures.

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San Francisco Family Portraits

It was so much fun photographing little Brooke and her parents in the historic Dogpatch district of San Francisco.  This was our second session together as part of the First Year Essentials package: 3 sessions compiled into a fabulous album.  How amazing it is to see her grow!

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