Sausalito Engagement Photography

I had a wonderful time photographing Irma and Joe in Sausalito.  It was a perfect balmy day and we enjoyed the afternoon breeze and the beautiful light of the setting sun…  Okay maybe that sounds a little cheesy but it’s the truth.

Irma and Joe had their first date in Sausalito, so it was the perfect location to commemorate their engagement.  Congratulations!


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Portrait Session Giveaway: Jasmine & Otto

Congratulations to Jasmine & Otto, and their charming pup Cody!  They were the winners of my first ever Facebook give away, available exclusively for Facebook Fans of Nancy Rothstein Photography.

We had a great time in the studio doing absolutely everything we could think of to get Cody, who happens to be a bit camera shy, to look at the camera.  I would hate to see a You-Tube video of that session, with me jumping up and down, making every kind of noise I could come up with, balancing my camera in one hand and a doggy treat in the other….you get the idea.  But fortunately as I tell all parents, the results will always exceed your expectations!  We captured a wonderful variety of images and had fun in the process.  The best part for the family….this session was free!

Stay tuned on Facebook for the next chance to win!!  Thanks Jasmine & Otto, it was wonderful working with you!!


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