Engagement Session: Another view of the Golden Gate Bridge…

So here’s another great session photographed by my associate photographer Kelvin. He’s an awesome photographer and a lot of fun to work with. For this session they started out at Crissy field, which, like Baker Beach, has a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Then they went on to roam the streets of North Beach. Once again I am pressed for time, (do I sound like a broken record, or what!?!) but here are a few of my favorites! Here’s what Jennifer & Justin had to say about their session with Kelvin:

“We had such a good time during our session. Kelvin was very chill and fun to be around. He can be quiet but he sure knew what he was doing. As I got a sense of his style and the way he approached his shots, I just went along with whatever angle he wanted to take because I knew it would be great. For one shot, he pointed out these red stairs in front of this random house in the North Beach area. Frankly, the doorway looked ugly to me, but after taking a few steps away, I knew it’d be better to trust Kelvin’s taste and the pictures turned out beautifully! The color was vibrant and acted as a wonderful backdrop. We were able to be ourselves and be silly with Kelvin,and his appreciation made it that much more fun. I laughed so much, all my laugh wrinkles came out! Good thing that Nancy will edit them all out…haha.”

Bring your dogs to the Engagement Session!

Attention dog lovers! I want to show you what is possible when you bring your dogs to the Engagement session. Heather & Shawn brought their two pups to the Bernal Heights dog park for their session and we had a great time. I’m in between sessions so I can’t post much now, but I had to share this image, which cracks me up. I can just see the little cartoon bubble above the dog’s heads saying “They’re at it again…gross!” That is, if dogs are really like children!