Family Photography: San Francisco Bay Area

For many portrait photographers like myself, family photography is a truly a pleasure.  I love the opportunity to document the unique character of each child and to capture the family relationship…..immense love!  First I consult my clients to develop family photography ideas that resonate with their personal style.  Then we have a fun family photo shoot that allows them to express their personalities perfectly.

For this session the white seamless studio look was a perfect foil for the bold graphic red, white, and black theme they chose for their wardrobe.  Want to learn more about choosing colors for your outfits?  Check out this in-depth introduction to the Color Wheel.  If that one is too involved, here’s a basic Guide to Matching Colors.  Outfits for family photography should reflect your family’s authentic style, so there is no right answer about what to wear. Elegant neutrals; bold primary colors; eclectic mixed patterns?  Anything goes, as long as it’s thoughtfully selected (that doesn’t mean it has to be match-y) and reflects your style.

By using negative space in the composition and not over-posing the family, I created a dynamic collection of images that feel modern and crisp as well as relaxed and playful. Family photography in the studio doesn’t have to look traditional or conservative! Give me a call and we’ll come up with some fun family portrait ideas that work for your family photography.  Every family is different; we’ll find the style that works for you.  Portrait photographers should use their skills to represent who you are, not impose their style on you.

By the way, check out the eyelashes on this little one in the first image; I think they’re some of the longest I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been doing family photography for years!  Wow!  Thank you to this wonderful family for choosing me as your family photographer!


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Happy Father’s Day! Bay Area Family Portraits

Father’s Day is here; a chance to celebrate our Dad’s amazing contribution to our lives.  Was it invented by the folks at Hallmark to sell more cards?  Maybe. Do we care?  Of course not!  We welcome any chance to throw Dad a big party….or just make him pancakes.

Everybody gets different stuff from their Dad….could be a ride in the Radio Flyer, could be a deep philosophical conversation (thanks Dad!)  Whether he’s a biological dad or a fantastic father-figure, we appreciate our Dad’s in all their uniqueness!

Celebrate this Father’s Day with a family portrait, along with a special gift especially for Dad.  It’s the perfect way to remind Dad how much he is loved….every time he sees those smiling faces!

Receive a complimentary 8×10 Gift Print with any family portrait session from June 17-July 17th. 

Reserve your session today!

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San Francisco Bay Area Studio Family Portraits

I love the way these images capture the authentic personalities of this charming family.  We had a great time during our studio portrait session, which actually seemed more like a play date.  It’s important to me that your kids are truly having fun at their session, because when that happens, smiling for the camera is a natural occurrence, not a forced torture!  No saying “cheese” in my studio!


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Bay Area Family Portraits: Mother’s Day Sale!

Sunday, May 13th is Mother’s Day….the official one.  To me everyday is Mother’s Day.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel grateful for my Mom and revel in her fabulousness.  (That’s not a real word, I know, and since my Mom is an English teacher that’s what we call ironic.)

But shouldn’t we pick a day to give special thanks for Motherhood, even though we love our Moms 365?  Of course!  (I’d vote for celebrating quarterly, but we’ll take what we can get in the federal calendar…there’s a lot to fit in.)

So, get to the punch line already, right?!?  Well, this month we will celebrate Motherhood with a chance to do two things all Moms love to do: document their children and save money.  You can’t argue with that, so don’t even try.

Here’s the deal:  $100 Off Family Portrait Sessions in May*

*Fine print: Mom should be in some of the images.

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Cute in Pink: Studio Portrait Session

I confess…. I never had an outfit like this as a child.  I lived on a farm and played with sheep when I was this age.  But these two rocked the pink ruffles like no one else could.  All I wanna know is, where do you get an outfit like that?

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Behind-the-Scenes: Baby Portrait Session

I had so much fun photographing this little one at the studio and it’s wonderful that her mom captured some behind-the-scenes footage. Now you can see what it’s like at an in-studio baby portrait session!  We keep the studio nice and warm to keep the babies happy and cozy….

For more videos from Nancy Rothstein Photography, please visit our YouTube channel.

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Valentine’s Week Portrait Special!

Here’s the deal.  Studio Portraits.  $100 off.  February 14th-21st.

We all need a great portrait. Are you a couple who has nothing but iphone snapshots to document your romance?  Are you happily single and want to treat yourself to a beautiful portrait because you deserve it and….maybe your family can’t remember what you look like?  Does your favorite four legged friend need head shots for their Facebook profile?  Are you a professional person with no professional portrait?  Need to update your head shot because this is the year you’re going to become a super model or queen of the stage?

Anything goes this coming Valentine’s week… all studio portrait sessions are $100 off the session fee for you and your friends!  This offer is only available for a week, from February 14th to 21st, 2012.  Call today for more details and to reserve your session….these are going to fill up fast!

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Portrait Session Giveaway: Jasmine & Otto

Congratulations to Jasmine & Otto, and their charming pup Cody!  They were the winners of my first ever Facebook give away, available exclusively for Facebook Fans of Nancy Rothstein Photography.

We had a great time in the studio doing absolutely everything we could think of to get Cody, who happens to be a bit camera shy, to look at the camera.  I would hate to see a You-Tube video of that session, with me jumping up and down, making every kind of noise I could come up with, balancing my camera in one hand and a doggy treat in the other….you get the idea.  But fortunately as I tell all parents, the results will always exceed your expectations!  We captured a wonderful variety of images and had fun in the process.  The best part for the family….this session was free!

Stay tuned on Facebook for the next chance to win!!  Thanks Jasmine & Otto, it was wonderful working with you!!


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