Kirk Russell: San Francisco Bay Area Author Portraits

One of my favorite challenges in working with clients is to create images that truly evoke the mood they are trying to convey to their audience.  Each client is completely different, with a unique brand, singular personality, and specific goals.

I enjoyed working with author Kirk Russell, who specializes in crime novels.   Our pre-session consultation, along with my in depth review of his current website and list of published titles, gave me a clear understanding of the atmosphere we were setting out to create.

With a variety of images we captured an edgy crime story vibe that perfectly reflected the nature of his work.  In the same session we also captured images with a more approachable feel for his other professional uses.

You can see all of his work on Amazon here.

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Bay Area Family Portraits

What a cutie!!  I got a serious workout during this portrait session at my favorite outdoor photography playground, Mills College.  This charming girl explored everything at a very fast pace.  I chased her all over the grounds…up and down the lawn, through the bushes, and around the buildings.   Of course, I’m used to this, but her Mother was starting to feel like we couldn’t possibly be getting any good images.  I reassured her that this is totally normal.  We all know you can’t tell a three year old to sit still!

To me photographing children means catching real moments as they play, expressing their natural sense of wonder and adventure.  It’s not about forcing them to sit still and say “cheese.”  It’s so much fun to watch parents react with surprise when they see the beautiful images that celebrate their child’s authentic personality.

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Happy Father’s Day! Bay Area Family Portraits

Father’s Day is here; a chance to celebrate our Dad’s amazing contribution to our lives.  Was it invented by the folks at Hallmark to sell more cards?  Maybe. Do we care?  Of course not!  We welcome any chance to throw Dad a big party….or just make him pancakes.

Everybody gets different stuff from their Dad….could be a ride in the Radio Flyer, could be a deep philosophical conversation (thanks Dad!)  Whether he’s a biological dad or a fantastic father-figure, we appreciate our Dad’s in all their uniqueness!


Celebrate this Father’s Day with a family portrait, along with a special gift especially for Dad.  It’s the perfect way to remind Dad how much he is loved….every time he sees those smiling faces!

Receive a complimentary 8×10 Gift Print with any family portrait session from June 17-July 17th. 

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